I’m Pam.  A wife and mother of one.  A British import that loves this island living.  After ten years building our life in Alberta, we moved back to Vancouver Island where my husband was raised, where we first met and where my son was born.  Moving to the Cowichan Valley has given us the chance to slow down and enjoy the simple things that are right in front of us.

Since moving back to Vancouver Island we have been stumbling our way through vegetable gardening, food storage, cooking with grains and finding sustainable solutions that work for our family.  We have made mistakes (especially in the garden!) and have learned an awful lot along the way.

Being self-sufficient is important to us, but we also want to support our community.  Whenever possible we shop local and we are constantly looking for ways to allow business people in the Cowichan Valley to benefit from our spending.

At home we are an extended family.  Our familial unit consists of hubby (Cam), meself (Pam), son (Arun) and my mum (Sookie), who lives in a separate suite in the house.  The cherries on top are Buddy (our beagle) and Tiki (our fostered sheltie).

Aside from the colossal goals mentioned above, I have a couple of personal ones that I would like to tackle at the same time.  Firstly, learning (from mum) how to prepare and cook traditional East Indian foods and sharing what I have learned with my friends.  Secondly, I want to invest some time teaching life skills to my teenager.  I’m pretty sure the basics are covered, but we’ll find that out as we work towards preparing him to survive in an ethical and modest way once he has flown the nest. (Disclaimer: I’m not disputing the fact that teenagers already ‘know everything’ – I’m just elevating the experience for my own offspring ;-))

The purpose of this blog is to share our experiences, learn from others and give us the added motivation that has sometimes wavered in the past.  I hope visitors enjoy the time they spend here, perhaps learn a few things and feel inspired to share their own valuable experiences.

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